Group Profile

Company Activities:

  • Well-Furnished factory working Environment
  • Standby Doctors & Nurses with medical facility
  • Pure drinking water
  • Trained fire fighter team
  • Emergency exits indicating quick Passage.

Training, Monitoring & Development Program:
For creating a healthy working Environment all employees are receiving various types of training such as-
  • Training on health and safety issues
  • First Aid training
  • Fire fighting training
  • Orientation training ( as company & BGEMA rules)

Counselling Program & Suggesting Box:
We have worker welfare committee who look after workers problems always. Floor counsellor appointed by HRD & the workers committee always help each other to solve the problem. They make a note if any problem persists and inform to the management.
Again, suggestion box set up in each floor is under process to enable workers can express their opinion in writing. Our management personnel immediate action go through all the companies & suggestions and take.